Updated: 06.03.2019
  • Our new litter arrived: we have 2 black males, 3 black females, 1 brown males and 2 brown females. More informations on PUPPIES PAGE
  • Our Aphrodité von Pressilla 12 years old! Happy Birthday beauty!!!

  • For sale a 5 months old dobermann male puppie from the combinations: Pride of Russia Amadey X Gledis von Pressilla.


  • For sale a 10 weeks old black male from the combinations: Pentagon of Castele Vania X :Black Requiem Of Blondy Tisa.

  • Happy Birthday Aphrodité von Pressilla, she is 11 year old!!!

  • Happy Birthday Baronessa v. Pressilla, she is 10 years old!!!!

  • Our first franch bulldog litter has arrived on 16.10.2017. We have 6 male puppies. They can going to the new home in December.


  • We have 1 black and 1 brown female for sale. Born: 02.10.2017.


  • New photos of Omar von Pressilla

  • Komárom CAC Dog Show Sindy von Pressilla V1, HPJ, Best Junior, BOS!!! Judge: Mrs Lyudmila Glukhova (RU)

  • Hódmezővásárhely CACIB dog show our Sindy got HPJ, Best Junior Judge: Olga Grin (RU)

  • Kecskemét CAC dog show Sindy v. Pressilla HPJ, BOS Judging: István Rada (HU)

  • We got new photo from Hamburg of Knox and Romy

  • New photo of Wicky


  • New photo of sindi of Pressilla 10 months old on photo ( Paquito di Perlanera- Mamba von Pressilla)

  • Our oldies! Happy Birthday Afrodite von Pressilla 10 years and  Baronesa von Pressilla 9 years old!

  • FOR SALE UDO & UNA von Pressilla from the combinations Pride of Russia Amadey & Maja Valdi Taro. More informations on PUPPIES page!


  • FOR SALE 1 black males and 1 black female from our U litter! More informations on PUPPIES page!
  • New photos:

Romy and Knox from Germany

Puppies from our Mamba in Germany


  • Our dogs: Aprodite von Pressilla 9,5 and Baronessa von Pressilla 8,5 years old!

  • 11.21. Mamba passed ZTP examen! Judge Rudi Killmaier (D)

  • 11.22.HDK YEARWINNER SHOW Romy v. Pressilla HDK BABY CLUBWINNER 2015!!!

  • Tour with our childeren and Romy von Pressilla!

  • New photos of our puppies on PUPPIES PAGE!

  • Budapest GRAND PRIX

Gledis R.CAC

Quira VP1, Best puppy

  • Mamba's genetical test has arrived: vwd clear (USA)

  •  Gledis Jászberény CAC Dog Show got CAC!
  • For sale 4 months old black female puppy!

  • New photo of Quiwi

  • New photos of
    Quentin von Pressilla  &
    Quido von Pressilla.

  • 2015.02.14. FEHOVA CACIB DOG SHOW Judge: Mr. Andrzej Kazmierski . Gledis von Pressilla  CAC, Res. CACIB

  • New photos from CANADA of Quiwi and Quattro

  • New photo of Paul from Germany

  • New photo of Polly from Germany