Updated: 31.12.2014

Our "Q" littert has born!

  • New photo of Polly, from Andrea Geermany!

  • New photo of our Polly! She is FOR SALE!
  • New photo of Paul, from Germany!

  • We have 3 beautiful female puppy for sale! More informations on PUPPIES PAGE!
  • New photos from the new owners:

Mohican von Pressilla: Wolf family / Ausztria

Nediva-Ninja: Germany

Nero von Pressilla: Austria  " Zeus"


  • In new home:



  • 24.05.2014. New photos of our 8 weeks old puppies! You can see on PUPPIES PAGE!
  • New photos of our 6 weeks old puppies!

  • 11.05.2014. Székesfehérvár CACIB Dog Show our Gledys v. Pressilla V1, CAC Judge: István Orcsik (RS)

  • New photos of our 4 week old puppys!

  • 27.03.2014. Our puppies has born from the combination Tahi-réme Legolas and Baronessa von Pressilla. We have 2 black females and 6 black males.

  • New photos:

Lampard from Dortmund

Esmir from Houston

Knox from Hamburg


  • Puppies for sale: Lampard and Luther! More informations on Puppies page!
  • New photos of Max and Mohican! You can see on " M" litter presentation page!
  • Health test from USA:
Mamba von Pressilla: DCM - Negative
Melia von Pressilla: DCM - Negative
Madlen von Pressilla: DCM - Negative
Gledis von Pressilla: DCM - Negative
Baronessa von Pressilla: DCM - Negative
Melia von Pressilla: VWD - Clear
Madlen von Pressilla: VWD - Clear
Gledis von Pressilla: VWD - Clear
Baronessa von Pressilla: VWD - Clear
Afrodité von Pressilla: VWD - Clea
  • Puppies for sale: Lampard, Luther, Mohican and Mardoc. More information on PUPPIES PAGE!
  • 2013.10.20. Komárom  Intermedier class   Gledis von Pressilla V 1., CAC , Open class.  Dexter von Pressilla V 1., CAC  Judge:  Mr. Milivoje Urosevic  ( RS )
  • 2013.10.19. Komárom   Intermedier class Gledis von Pressilla V 1., CAC  Judge:  Mrs. Friederike Kappacher ( AT )

  • 2013.10.06. Szeged     Intermedier class  Gledis von Pressilla V 1., CAC, HFGy BOB   Judge: Hartmann György ( HU )

  • New photos of KNOX from Hamburg

  • Jessy from Berlin

  • and Kathy from Canada



  • Our puppies has bor on 06.08.2013 from the combinations Aphrodité vom Pressilla and Tahi-réme Max: 3 males, and on 11.08.2013. From the combinations Baronessa vom Pressilla and Hilo vom Nemesis: 3 black males, 3 black females, 1 brown male and 2 brown female.

  • 2013.06.16. Székesfehérvár CACIB Dog Show Gledis vom Pressilla in Intermedier class V1, CAC, R.CACIB Judge: Imre Szalai
  • New video of Dexter:



  • Happy Birthday to Laria! She is 9 years old!

  • New photo of Knox

  • Gina v. Pressilla passed BH examen in Germany!
  • Gledis v. Pressilla HDA ( Germany)
  • 05.05.2013. Gledis von Pressilla succesful passed BH examen in Jászberény. Judge: P. Szabó Béla


  • 21.04.2013. Jászberény CAC Dog Show Gledis v. Pressilla V1, HPJ, Best Junior! Judge: lászló Pap (RO)
  • Esmir von Pressilla passed IPO 1 examen and going to the new owner to Amerika (Debra)


  • Our 'K' litter has born on 06.01.2013. We have 1 brown male, 3 black males and 3 black females

  • On 21.12.2012. our puppies has born: We have 1 black male, and 1 black female. More information on PUPPIES PAGE!

  • Esmír von Pressilla passed BH examen, HD result from Germany: HD 1.    Photos of  Preparation for IPO 1

  • Edy von Pressilla Szolnokon CAC dog Show won V1, HPJ and Dexter von Pressilla V1, CAC, BOB


  • 20.06.2012. New photos of our 5 weeks old puppies! You can see on PUPPIES PAGE!
  • New health results:

    Baronessa von Pressilla
    Afrodité von Pressilla
    Esmir von Pressilla
    Fleur Unreachables

  • All 4 dogs free of:

    PHPV, PPM, RD, PRA, PLL-Free
    Cataracta- Free

  • Esmir and Fleur's HD in Germany now
  • Happy 8. Birthday to our Lara and Lampard del Mediano!


  • 2012. 05.26 : Our 'H' litter has born! we have 4 black males, 4 black females and 1 brown male. More information on PUPPIES PAGE!


  • 13.05.2012. Salgótarján CAC Dog Show Judge: János Török

Dexter von Pressilla Open class Exc. 1. CAC,BOB.

Esmir von Pressilla  Youth class V1. HPJ
Edy von Pressilla Youth class V1. HPJ

  • 15.04.2012. Kalocsa CAC Judge:Orcsik István ( Srb. )

Esmir von Pressilla  Youth class V 1. HPJ

Dexter von Pressilla Intermedier class V 1. CAC


  • 25.03.2012 Cegléd CAC, Judge:Török János

Edy Von Pressilla: V 1. HPJ

Dexter Von Pressilla: V 1. CAC

Esmir Von Pressilla: V 2.

  • Esmir von Pressilla ( Leo v. Markischen Land & Afrodité von Pressilla )
    9 months old
    2011 HDK Klub Show baby class 3. place!
  • owner: Debra, Texas USA




  • New photos of our 5 weeks old puppies! You can see on Puppies page!

  • Our 'G' litter has born on 10.11.2011. We have: 4 black female , 2 black male , 2 brown female and 2 brown male


  • Rex new home in Kanada.

Freya new home in Hong-Kong.


Szentendre - HDK Year Winner Club Show 2011
Judge: Norbert Daube (D)

Edy von Pressilla: Baby class 1. place

Esmir von Pressilla: Baby class 3. place

Dexter von Pressilla: Youth class VG2.

  • We sold our puppies!

From the combinations Afrodité X Leo:


From the combination Obi X Laria:

Freya,China:Fetis.Germany:Flower,Germany:Fortuna,Germany:Fleur,Germany:Fyrannosaurus rex,Canada:Fantom,Austria:Fede,Germany:Felix,Germany:Fidel,Germany




  • 10.07.2011: New photos of our puppies! You can see on PUPPIES PAGE!!!
  • 09.07.2011: Bismarc von Pressilla passed ZTP examen with result ZTP V 1A!
  • 06.06.2011: Our "F" litter has born from the combination Obi Wan Kenobi De Grande Vinko and Laria Del Mediano. We have 5 black males and 5 black females. More informations on the PUPPIES PAGE!!!
  • 14.05.2011: Our "E" litter has born from the combination Afrodité von Pressilla X Leo Vom Markischen Land . We have 2 black males and 1 black female. More informations on the PUPPIES PAGE!!!


  • 07.05.2011: Mezőzombor ZTP (Hungary) Baronessa Vom Pressilla passed ZTP examen with result 1B VG. Judge: Rudi Killmaier
  • 27.03.2011: Amanda von Pressilla passed BH examen !!
  • 23.01.2011: We visit Bismarc in Serbia, hi train thare for ZTP examen! New photos of Bismarc!
  • 20.01.2011: New photos of our FOR SALE puppies: Carmenn and Dogzilla!! You can see on puppies page >>>>>
  • 02.10.2010: Baronessa v. Pressilla passed BH examen in Excelent Dog Center. Judging: Tamás Dohóczki.
  • 04.10.2010: New photos of our for sale puppies!


  • 24.07.2010: Debrecen Night Show, National Dog Show: Baronessa v. Pressilla V1, CAC, BOB! Judge: Viktor Rauhoffer.
  • 20.07.2010: Puppies for sale for following combinations. You can see here!


  • 19.07.2010: New pfotos of Cirius from USA!
  • 06.06.2010: Székesfehérvár National Dog show Bojan von Pressilla V1, CAC , Baronessa von Pressilla V2, R.CAC. Judging: Éva Vadócz
  • 30.05.2010: Nagyvázsony CAC Dog Show Amanda von Pressilla in open class V2, R.CAC. Judging: Erika Szokol

  • We have puppies from the folloving combinations: Portonicos di Altobello & Laria Del Mediano and our "D" litter: Urbano del Diamante Nero and Laria Del Mediano. . More informations on puppies page >>>>
  • 11.01.2010: Amanda's show results updated!
  • 10.01.2010: Boris page updated!
09.07.25: In Debrecen Night Dog Show Borisz v Pressilla becoume V1, HPJ .
  • 09.07.18: In Szombathely CACIB Dog Show Bismarc v Pressilla becoume V1, CAC!


  • 21.06.2009: In Székesfehérvár International dog Show Borisz in youth class V1, HPJ, Aphrodité V1, CAC in open class. judging: Dr Vadócz Éva
  • 19.06.2009: New healt results: Borisz, Baronessa and Aphrodité HD1 (Germany)
  • 09.05.2009: In Budapest CACIB Dog Show our results: Boris v Pressilla V1, HPJ, Best Junior, Bonita v Pressilla V4 and Aramis v Pressilla V1, CAC. Judging: János Török (Hungary)



  • 12.04.2009: In Visznek Aphrodite and Borisz passed BH examen. The judge was Simon Gergely.
  • 11.04.2009: In Szilvásvárad CACIB Dog Show Aphrodité in open class V2. R.CAC. The judge was Dominikan Shalata (U)